The “dairy issue” is especially acute when it comes to sports nutrition, because cow’s milk is the most important source of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and microelements. What milk should be on the athlete’s menu and what dairy products can be called “organic”, we learned from dietitians and World Class trainers.

dairy issue

Milk and its reputation

Galina Anisenia, dietitian at World Class Kuntsevo:

“Refusal of dairy products is a common phenomenon in recent times, however, only a small part of its opponents have indications for the exclusion of milk from the diet (due to lactase deficiency or intolerance to casein). Those who say that the adult human body does not digest milk are based only on the fact that mammals receive milk only during a short period immediately after birth. Then they switch to normal nutrition, which is natural under natural conditions. But if older animals were given milk further, this does not mean that they would not drink it.

As for the opinions that dairy products cause puffiness, one can argue with them: for example, according to the Carrel therapeutic diet, drinking warm milk during the day relieves heart swelling. In this case, talking about the quality of milk is more appropriate.”

The trend towards healthy eating and conscious consumption is gradually covering an increasing number of people. The natural composition, high content of vitamins and microelements in EkoNiva Organic milk make it an ideal choice for those who pay attention not only to taste, but also to the beneficial properties of this product. So what is the fundamental difference between organic milk and traditional milk? So, organic milk is characterized by:

– high content of useful elements;

– pronounced creamy taste;

– production, in which animals are kept in accordance with their biorhythms and an ethical attitude is practiced towards them: free milking, free grazing in the warm season, a larger area per cow, the possibility of self-selection of food from the whole variety of organic plants;

— conservation of biodiversity of flora and fauna, soil, water sources.

It is important to understand that eco-, bio- and natural milk does not always mean organic. To be called such, a product must pass a serious quality check at different stages of production, receive certificates according to strict standards. Only after that, a “quality mark” can appear on the packaging – the official version of the labeling of organic products adopted in Russia, confirmed by a certificate. Today in our country there are only three companies that produce pasteurized organic milk certified by European and Russian conformity marks – EuroLeaf and Organic. One of them, which also made its debut in the production of ultra-pasteurized organic milk in Russia, is EkoNiva, which produces Organic products.Work on the principle “from the field to the counter”, quality control at every stage of the production chain,

organic milk

Oksana Lishchenko, PhD, dietitian, researcher at the National Research Center for Therapy and Preventive Medicine of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chief Physician for Sports Medicine at World Class:

“For nutritionists working with athletes or in the fitness industry, there is no doubt that milk and dairy products should be in the diet of people leading an active lifestyle. Cow’s milk is a source of complete protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B and D.

The calorie content of milk depends on its fat content: on average, it is 60 kcal per 100 g. In terms of biological value and content of essential amino acids, milk is an important source of protein in the human diet. Plant proteins are often deficient in essential amino acids: for example, grains and nuts are low in lysine and tryptophan, and legumes are low in sulfur-containing amino acids. In addition to the composition, the rate of protein digestion is also important: in milk or fish protein, it is the highest, and the lowest in vegetable proteins.

The main goals of most fitness club clients are:

– lose weight, reduce fat, gain muscle mass;

– improve physical fitness;

– become stronger, more resilient, more flexible;

– lead an active lifestyle, while not harming the condition of the spine or joints.

As fitness physicians, we understand that achieving these goals depends not only on the regularity of classes and the selected training program, but also on a balanced diet, including the amount of protein in the diet. In Russia, its consumption rate for women is about 60-90 g per day, for men – 65-120 g per day. But the higher the level of physical activity of a person, the greater his need for protein – this is important.

Calcium contained in organic milk is the basis for the nutrition of people with diseases of the joints and spine, for those who suffer from osteoporosis or brittle bones, who are afraid of fractures and falls. These problems also apply to menopausal women, patients with chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, periodic pain in the back or joints.

I was pleased that EkoNiva Organic milk is distinguished by a high content of vitamin D 3 , which is involved in the work of all organs and systems. Thanks to the vitamin in the blood, the desired concentration of trace elements is provided. The condition of hair, nails, skin and teeth also depends on the absorption of calcium under the action of the vitamin. D 3  is involved in metabolism, stimulates the immune response when viruses and bacteria enter the body, helps fight inflammation, and also has a positive effect on respiratory function, facilitates the treatment of pneumonia.

Patients with diseases of the heart or blood vessels should be aware that milk contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help to influence the problem of cholesterol deposition and the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels. To restore the body after infectious diseases and to resume physical activity as soon as possible, we are talking about the importance of protein for the formation of immunoglobulins and the formation of an immune response.

Thus, organic milk is recommended for people who actively and regularly engage in fitness or sports. Everyone who has a goal to be not only strong, agile and hardy, but also fit, slender, with beautiful hair and elastic skin, with a relief body and strong joints.

Tasting results

  • Galina Anisenia, dietitian at World Class Kuntsevo:

“After tasting EkoNiva Organic milk, which is amazingly tasty and balanced in composition, you will forever abandon the traditional one. Unlike competitors, it has laboratory-tested benefits – a high content of phosphorus and vitamin D 3 , and is also a source of useful elements: iodine, vitamins B 2 and B 12 , which other manufacturers cannot boast of. All this makes it indispensable in the athlete’s diet.

  • Eduard Kuzminov, elite trainer of the World Class Romanov gym:

“I love dairy products since childhood and have been using them constantly for almost 40 years! I can say the following about Ekoniva Organic milk: whole milk is quite dense in texture, it has a high fat content, but it feels like a pleasant creaminess. So, such a product can be an excellent alternative to coffee creamers. I would also like to note moderately sweet and rich taste, like from childhood. When mixed with protein, it dissolves easily and acquires a homogeneous consistency – this pleasant drink will be a great addition to any meal. Trainers and our clients always focus on working on a good figure and muscle growth, and protein with milk can be considered an ideal drink for this purpose. Among Konica’s dairy products, I would like to mention soft cottage cheese with various flavors. It is a source of protein, has a moderately dense structure and a natural taste, not too sweet. This is especially captivating given my relationship with sugar and sweeteners.”

“For the first time I tried Konica Organic milk — it tastes very pleasant, with a slight sweetness. For the experiment, I used it in the versions that I used to in everyday life: I mixed one serving with chocolate protein, the second with natural muesli, without adding sweets, candied fruits, etc. In both versions, milk improved the taste of the resulting products. I don’t drink milk separately, but by mixing it, for example, with protein or muesli, I get a tasty and healthy product.

Clients in the fitness club want to increase muscle mass, maintain good shape, participate in competitions, while eating natural and tasty products. They understand how important it is to monitor the condition of the musculoskeletal system. For strong bones and flexible joints, we recommend that our club members not only exercise regularly, but also consume sufficient amounts of protein, vitamin D, monitor their diet and, of course, do not forget to include quality organic milk in it. For us, athletes, EkoNiva Organic is an ideal product that I always recommend with confidence to my clients and acquaintances.”

Advantages of Konica Organic whole organic milk: 

1. High content of vitamin D 3 and phosphorus;

2. Source of iodine, vitamins B 2 and B 12 ;

3. Pronounced creamy taste;

4. Natural composition, honest liter;

5. Quality control “from field to counter”;

6. Confirmed by certificates of compliance with the requirements for organic products of the EU and the Russian Federation: EuroLeaf and Organic.

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