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At this year’s Apple Autumn Conference, the new Apple Watch Series 8 appeared as expected, delivering additional capabilities and introducing a new model line: Apple Watch Ultra. The hardware and functional updates of this year’s Apple Watch are not particularly eye-catching, but they do mark the first time that the product line has formed a fairly comprehensive consumer group classification and that Cook’s consistent Precise Knife has been applied. While this year’s Apple Watch covers more consumers, it also further establishes the core functional product line differences.

If you plan to get an Apple Watch this year, you’ll have to deal with more options than simply model and size variations. Considerations should be made for new categories, updated features, and out-of-date models that are still offered in the official reconditioned store while being rapidly pulled off the shelves. How then do you pick your preferred Apple Watch under the presumption of such a wide range of circumstances? Minority has offered you this buying advice in an effort to assist you because of this.

Series 8 Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t have significant hardware improvements over the Apple Watch Series 7 version. Here is a horizontal comparison chart based on details from Apple’s official website for your reference:

It is clear that there hasn’t been much of an update between the Apple Watch Series 8 and its predecessor. The hardware remains almost unchanged except from the temperature sensor and the standard S8 Sip chip upgrade. But it’s important to note that the Apple Watch Series 8 is only available in aluminium and stainless steel, and that this year’s titanium casing is a feature-exclusive material for the Apple Watch Ultra.

One of the primary additions made by watch OS 9 is the general availability of watches following the Apple Watch Series 5. Consider delaying the upgrade for another year if you have an Apple Watch Series 7 or later and don’t require temperature sensors, dust resistance, or vehicle accident detection.

If the existing watch can suit your demands and the new full-screen design and features are not particularly appealing to you, Apple Watch Series 4 / 5 / 6 customers can continue to “wait for the party.” You may make your decision to upgrade to an Apple Watch Series 8 in one step if you decide to renew, if you have the money, or if you know you need a temperature sensor.

When picking a female buddy, certain of the Apple Watch Series 8’s women’s health features are still important to take into account. The newly included temperature sensor allows the watch to track body temperature in real time while the wearer is sleeping. Watch OS 9’s menstrual tracking feature also uses body temperature information to push back and estimate the potential ovulation date, serving as a guide for birth control or contraception. In addition to other information gathered by the watch, ladies may more fully comprehend their menstrual cycle.

Ultra Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Ultra is a recently released high-end product line of the Apple Watch that is targeted at the extreme sports or professional sports market. Therefore, it can be said that Apple Watch has received a comprehensive hardware and aesthetic improvement. The S8 Sip chip is just one of many standard features that the entire series includes, along with sapphire glass, a display that can be up to 2000 nits bright, new titanium alloy operation buttons, 100 meters of water resistance, dual speakers, three microphone arrays, Bluetooth 5.3, and cellular network connection.

It is clear from the announcement of the Apple Watch Ultra on the company’s website that this product’s target market is mostly vertical.

The Apple Watch Ultra is unquestionably your best option if you require a professional sports watch for activities like climbing, scuba diving, or long-distance jogging. In addition to having more precise and thorough sports statistics than the previous Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Ultra offers significantly improved resistance to extreme settings. The recently added custom operation button also enables various operations to be accessed in a single step at the same time. The addition of icloud syncing, cellular network, more precise GPS, twin speakers, and siren to other non-smart sports watches considerably enhances the simplicity of storing and sharing sports data while also making it simpler for accidents to happen in the wild. Obtain rescue.

In general, regular users don’t frequently require the professional sports features of the Apple Watch Ultra, but if you truly enjoy the rugged design and more sophisticated technology, you may consider purchasing it if your budget permits. If not, Apple Watch Series 8 could be a better option. Of course, Apple Watch Ultra will have access to all of the capabilities that Apple Watch Series 8 possesses.

SE Apple Watch

The term “entry model” for Apple goods is the SE suffix. It has received accolades from numerous customers for its affordable pricing, flagship-level performance, and UN castrated core software experience, and my assessment of the Apple Watch is no exception. 80% of SE customers, according to Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, had never owned an Apple Watch before, and this year, Apple Watch SE also brought about a significant improvement.

The 2022 Apple Watch SE performs far better than the previous generation since it has the same processor as the Apple Watch Ultra. As a result, it has the same car accident detection feature as the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra in addition to operating at the same pace.

Other features of the Apple Watch SE, however, are more compromised. The glass material on the rear has also been changed to nylon, while the remaining hardware is essentially the same as the Apple Watch Series 5 from three years ago. It retains the previous non-full screen design with rounded edges. However, Apple Watch Series 5’s most well-liked all-weather display feature has been disabled (from the side, Apple Watch SE should utilize the display of Apple Watch Series 4, which was introduced in 2018), clearly demonstrating the accuracy of Cook’s knife skill.

Even so, the price of 1999 Yuan allows users to experience Apple Watch’s core features, which are still very appealing to many customers, and it also unlocks the device’s vast peripheral ecosystem. As is common knowledge, many Apple Watch buyers are eager to get their hands on the new straps and dials that are released each year. Because of this, Apple Watch SE is a fantastic option for those who only want to record their life and workout data without trying out the Apple Watch eco system.

Upgrade to the second-generation Apple Watch SE if you are still using an Apple Watch Series 3 or earlier models. The S8 SiP chip’s support has allowed for a significant improvement in daily usability over the S3 Sip chip, and the new design is more appealing than the previous square screen. However, you may also keep an eye out for the latter mentioned official reconditioned Apple Watch, which is probably more worthwhile to purchase than the Apple Watch SE.

There is no need to replace Apple Watch SE if you are an Apple Watch S4/S5/S6 user and believe that your existing watch can accommodate your demands, whether they are functional or aesthetic. Users of the S5, in particular, will lose the all-weather display feature after switching from the Apple Watch SE, which in my opinion is not worth the candle.

Hermes Watches Apple

Customers who prefer Hermes watches shouldn’t require our buying advice; simply pick what you want and purchase it.

Nike Apple Watch

The watch product range for this year differs drastically from that of prior years. Apple Watch Nike’s existence as a standalone watch has officially ended with the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra. Apple no longer sells the Nike-branded Apple Watch separately; instead, it just offers the Nike band, and all watches may now utilize the Nike-exclusive original Apple Watch dial. So, if you still want a “Apple Watch Nike,” just get any discounted Apple Watch that has a Nike band and dial.

Either stainless steel or Aluminums cellular network or GPS?

The entire series comes with a cellular network, while the Apple Watch Ultra is only offered as a material for the titanium casing. We won’t go into great depth because there is a great deal of consistency in experience across different models. If you choose to get the Apple Watch SE, you won’t need to worry too much because it is just constructed of recyclable aluminums alloy and a nylon rear cover.

You may choose between aluminium and stainless steel for the Apple Watch Series 8. The aluminium alloy casing is more colourful, less expensive, and substantially lighter. There won’t be many substantial traces in daily use if there isn’t a big impact. However, the stainless steel watch is obviously inferior to the aluminium alloy watch in terms of texture. You must spend more money and accept the possibility of scratches as well as the heavier body.

It still relies on your individual demands whether you buy a GPS device with a single connection or one with a GPS and cellular network. Since I haven’t really gone anywhere with just my Apple Watch, the GPS version can already satisfy my needs, in my experience. The GPS + cellular version is obviously more suited if this is a situation you frequently see, such as when working out in the gym or going for a run.

Shop Officially Refurbished

It is important to note that the Apple Watch Series 7 in the official store’s refurbished section is probably going to be the greatest winner following the new release.

There is no significant difference between the two in terms of hardware or aesthetics, and there is no noticeable variation in user experience. The official reconditioned Apple Watch Series 7 is, however, rather good in terms of cost: a 41mm watch costs 2,300 yuan, while a bigger 45mm watch costs less than 2,500 Yuan. The new Apple Watch Series 8 has a $2999 starting price. In the official refurbished shop, you can already get the Apple Watch Series 7 with GPS + cellular network for this price.

So, if you’re thinking about renewing but aren’t interested in the new hardware and capabilities of the Apple Watch Series 8, you might want to think about this alternative. The official refurbished version of the Apple Watch Series 7 is only 33 Yuan more per month than the new Apple Watch SE, and it supports 24 interest-free periods, so even if your budget is tight, I strongly advise you to ditch the new Apple Watch SE in favour of it. After all, it was the flagship product of the previous generation, and its hardware and functionality are much better than those of the Apple Watch SE.

What are your opinions on the new Apple Watch Series 8 after reading this buying guide? Buy it or not? Friends who took part in the first pre-order might want to share your choice with students who are still on the fence and provide a recommendation.

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